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The Last Barbarian

An epic story of adventure, betrayal, sex and revenge, The Last Barbarian tells the true story of Arminius, a man stolen from his childhood home and raised to become one of Rome’s greatest warriors. At the height of his fame, Arminius is sent to occupied Germania to crush a rebellion. That’s when he realizes it’s not the people in his native land who are the “barbarians,” but the Empire that brutally represses them with rape and murder.

go site Created by Frank Spotnitz (Man in the High Castle, X Files), and being developed in partnership with Big Light Productions. Directed by Jim Sheridan (Oscar nominated for My Left Foot, In America, In The Name Of The Father).

Clean Sweep

source How far across the line are you willing to go to protect your family?

This is the story of a most relatable woman in the most extraordinary of circumstances. A story of a housewife who juggles raising three children and a marriage while carrying the darkest of secrets, only to have it surface after twenty years. It is a tense, heart-pounding thriller of a series that offers no easy answers or clear solutions.

The Rig In the North Sea an oil rig is quarantined when five men die in an apparent viral outbreak. Soon as the outbreak is traced back to an Irish farm, the Kennedy family also find themselves locked down.

go here An Irish detective must discover why the rig and farm cases are linked, and in doing so, save a pan-European export deal worth millions.

Our Father

Our Father is a darkly comic series about an identity stealing conman struggling to change his ways. Do any of us truly change over time? Are we capable of change? Or do we flatter ourselves that we’re making great strides while we’re really just running in place?

buy reglan syrup online But God loves a trier, as the saying goes. The apparent Father Peter tries very hard to live the life of a good village priest. But he’s hampered by the small matter of being a self-involved psycho.

singulair 10 mg nedir This is Banshee meets Ballykissangel suffused with the jet back humour of Love/Hate.

The Ring

wellbutrin sr 150 mg and alcohol Emelie Stromberg, daughter of a prominent Scandinavian politician, is mistakenly abducted in Belfast and sold into a violent prostitution ring. Her father Axel is forced to keep her abduction a secret, even from his wife. There is only one man who can help – Detective Wolff – a man who Axel Stromberg previously tried to destroy.

Can Wolff rescue Emelie before her real identity is revealed or will Emelie become a political hostage in the hands of a violent organized crime ring? They must find her before she’s smuggled out of Ireland and the trail runs cold.


Vi Costigan, an ex-Garda detective is released from prison after unjustly serving time and painfully strains to reconnect with her estranged family. When a criminal acquaintance and former lover is framed for murder, she investigates the crime from the opposite side of the law, competing with, and aiming to expose, the corrupt Garda unit who turned her life inside out.

In Production

The Cured

Set six years after a virus has rampaged through Europe, turning those infected into zombie-like monsters. A cure for the virus has been found and now the cured are being re-integrated back into society. A society that largely fears and abhors them for what they did while infected. The cured can remember everything that they did while they were infected. We follow two friends, Senan, and Conor, as they are released from quarantine. Senan is welcomed back by his remaining family, though he carries a dark secret, while Conor is rejected by his and becomes disenfranchised and powerfully subversive.

Starring Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor.

Produced in association with Shinawil. Due for release Spring 2018.

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